freshly baked – the mixtape about nothing

Wale – creepin’ on a come up for a few years but likely level warping with this. With the Seinfeld theme weaved throughout, Wale kills it on all nineteen tracks over Nick Catchdubs’ production. Casual listening proves impossible, as it takes multiple spins to pick up all the references, puns, etc. Like all the best hip hop, Wale mixes his wit with a hungry flow and summer-time-windows-down beats, avoiding the pretensions of “indie” rap and other questionable genres while remaining a scholar.

Examples of brilliance: “i kill beats this is euthanasia/ i rock bapes like the youth in asia,” “mind reeks excellence/yours reeks estrogen/everybody knows me like the Contra code for extra men.”

Plus dude shares my love of SB’s. Check out these tracks and google the rest.

Wale – The Feature Heavy Song feat. Bun B, Pusha T, and Tre of UCB

Wale – The Vacation From Ourselves

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