chasing the hype

Man I hate hype…

hype in the sneaker game driving up the price of the fresh dunks i just picked up
hype in the club scene, making it impossible for me to dance/stand without sweating after waiting in line for twenty minutes
hype in the juice/energy drink game, transforming the process of picking up a bottled water into a focused deliberation robbing me of at least four minutes
hype over the 3G iphone when GSM came out like three years ago in the rest of the world
hype over organic food
hype about california, e.g. “i just can’t imagine not living here” (random person transplanted from non-California seven months prior)
hype about hollywood, which actually just sucks

And most relevant, hype about Chicago, where I’m sitting at the moment on a bunk Internet connection too slow to upload any tracks. Lovely last few days in the Bay area, including some highlights that occurred on a 2:30 am walk through the Tenderloin to the Civic Center.

First, a fairly well-dressed guy my age approached my friend and I at the corner and asked us for a lighter. His hand then emerged from his right pocket clutching a crack pipe as he exclaimed “it’s not what you think it is.” Two blocks later an older dude ran up and, winded, asked if my platonic friend was “my girl,” to which I said yes and he replied “well i got ten dollars.” After three more blocks of stepping over balls of homeless and blankets like puddles, we reached the car.

I also crashed a class of 1968 high school reunion at my hotel in Berkeley. Not as thrilling as one might imagine, but I did talk with some folks who lived in Zimbabwe for the past eighteen years and originally supported Mugabe.

Update: I’m back in Kalamazoo so I can upload songs. DJ Screw, a pioneer of the screw scene in Houston in the 1990’s loved slowing down the bpm until it sounds like a robocop codeine party at 4am in the sewer. Staying true to the scene, dude actually died of a codeine overdose.

DJ Screw – Botany Boyz, Cloverland

DJ Screw – AL D, No Way Out

DJ Screw – 20 To Life, Servin’ A Duce

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