back in shanghai

I realize I haven’t updated the site in over a week, but I really appreciate the steady flow of readership. Props to whoever reads this in Korea, Japan, and Cambodia. What up New Zealand? Too cool to comment?

I spent the last week in Brooklyn with the intention of a quick weekend trip that turned into an extended trip after an absurd experience at the airport that ended with China Eastern Airlines not allowing me to board my flight. However, I can’t imagine a better place to finish a haunt in the States than BK. Massive parties in empty public swimming pools, Boar’s Head sandwiches for like $3.00 at every bodega, and a subway that never closes…unlike the city I’m in now. My friend’s neighborhood, Bushwick, also had more sneaker spots than convenience stores. Abundance of dope gear, but after two months of traveling with no income, I had to stop myself from scooping up AirMaxs and Dunk Highs galore.

Just arrived in Shanghai at five am on China Eastern. Yo, American domestic airlines, get your game up and hire some stewardesses who don’t look like haggard mid-fourties dollar store cashiers. The rest of the world figured it out.
I can’t understand Portuguese, but man… Baile Funk bangs. This music provides the soundtrack to coke-fueled parties in Rio’s machine-gun toting suburbs, thrown by the head dealers themselves. For a better explanation, check this excellent article from Blender. In the mean time, peep this track.

Daniel Haaksman – Who’s Afraid Of Rio? feat. MC Jennifer (Radio Edit)

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