rad hats.

How much can I sell these for in Michigan? $200? $400? Probably more if I say I got them from Japan, not China. I’ll probably just loiter outside the Urban Outfitters in East Lansing and slang these like Clipse slang white.

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. Been too caught up in money making scams like this.

Can’t do 5am nights twice in a row, so tonight I just ate jiaozi and drank sweet plum wine at my boss’s house, then broke down and bought a space-heater/radiator shopping at Lotus (no longer shopping at Carrefour, as I’ve decided to boycott all things french, sans the deli across the street). Must eat goat cheese…

Too bad this space heater sucks and it’s impossible to return anything in China.

Sorry to bitch about weather again, but to all the Shanghainese who complain about Shanghai’s “special” cold weather that’s fictionally particular to this city, try a) not building apartments out of concrete and dust, b) insulating them, c) using double pane windows.

Going back to Michigan for a few weeks in a month. Ummmm, Jennifer Granholm, what’s up with the Robocop project? Michigan’s pretty much falling apart, it seems about time to send a potentially unpredictably robot in to clean up the streets a bit. Just don’t send this model.

I’m willing to pour all of my dirty RMB into that. If not I’m just gonna buy nine houses for $48 altogether and ride that out until I can get a one way ticket to Crete.

I downloaded seven of Pitchfork’s “best of 2008” albums, but haven’t found anything really worth posting yet. Still sifting through. Until then, it’s my all time favorite Italo-disco track.

Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance

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