streets is rough

Something wild went down at a convenience store near People’s Square yesterday. At least once a week, I stroll this street’s mix of showy chinese restaurants for government officials and business people, street hawkers (lots of stuffed animals), and massage parlors. Literally everyone smokes on this street, all the time. I go for the RMB30($4.50)/70 minute massages. Unlike any other massage parlor I’ve visited, body massages take place in an open room of eight beds where everyone can chat/annoy others with their barking cellphone conversations. The staff, who wear matching pink Brickbear t-shirts, all come from Jiangxi province, as does the owner.

On my way to my second massage of the weekend, I stopped in a All Days (convienence store) for a water, and in bursts a far-past-prime woman in her fourties donning a drab masseuses’ uniform and a reasonably attractive girl, maybe 19, in suggestive casual attire despite the cold and far too much make up. In a hurry, they asked to examine three or four bottles of lotion, bickering about the price (the most expensive was RMB7/$1.03) before becoming clearly fed up and storming out. Through the automatic door I heard “Ni Ganma!?” (What are you doing!?) and I turned to see the young girl yanking the older one to stop her from digging through a garbage can. Then they walked into a massage parlor that appeared to offer a higher degree of privacy.

d00d, hip hop was so much better back in the day…

Showbiz and A.G. – Fat Pockets

Showbiz and A.G. – Soul Clap

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