Xingfu Lu Park and the Mystery of the Seafood Gang, Pt 1 of ??

Solid birthday, which ended like this…

Was eating ice cream with cold drinks in the park on Xingfu Lu (by Dada/Chongqing Restaurant) this morning around 1:00am.All was quiet. Suddenly a middle-aged woman grasping a big flashlight came down the stone path, then walked up, down, and around the rocks surrounding the pond, pointing the light around the water.

She climbed to the highest rock, looked around frantically, and yelled “出来了” (“come out!”), then ran back in our direction, looking distraught, yelling “你在哪里!?” (“where are you!?”) before disappearing back down the path.

I thought she had lost her child. This was number two in a series of strange circumstances in this outing, the first being the policeman hat lying on the sidewalk just in front of the park’s entrance steps.

Auntie returned five minutes later, this time with an eight-foot long pole with a net, and a man with a bucket. They ran back up the rocks (which look scarier at night); “刚刚在这里!” (“it was just here!”).

I asked “你找什么东西?” (“what are you looking for?”) – got ignored the first time and asked again, louder.

“找好玩的东西.”(“Looking for a fun thing”)

A new character appeared on the left side of the pond, smoking a cigarette with a bucket and flashlight in hand.

Really started to wonder, so just pushed the question like “are you looking for fish??”

[begrudgingly] “是抓鱼的!” (“yes catching fish!”)

“…是很大的鱼吗?” (“A really big fish??”)

“螃蟹.” (“Crab”)

Seems Ayi saw giant claws moving around the pond and ran back to the neighborhood to round up the seafood gang for a good old fashioned moonlight public-park crab hunt.

They crept around the pond for fifteen minutes, pointing lights, waving nets, and arguing. Sometimes yelling”Let’s go home” and “There it is!”

After a while, the auntie and a dude climbed atop two opposing rocks ten feet apart, each with a net extended, the third man pointing a light around the water. I caught a climpse of the baskeball-sized crab in the murky water, the flashlight beam bouncing off its shell. The seafood gang made their move, but he ayi nearly fell off the rock and the pangxie darted away into dark corners of the pond. The hunt finally ended, with no crab… but they already had three huge fish in the pail.

Where will these fish be served? On family tables in the broken bricks hood? Or in restaurants…?

Heatwolves can’t help but dive deeper into the dark intrigue of Xingfu Lu park and The Seafood Gang…


Music time.

Pictureplane’s “Dark Rift” is one of my favorite vinyls. If you’ve been in my living room, you’ve definitely heard it at one point or another. He’s from Colorado and does some of the best electronic music around. Sounds like 90’s rave, with trance samples, singing, lots of emotion. That may sound extremely wack but he pulls it off with class. And he stepped up the production quality noticeably on this (claims to make all his music in his bedroom, on a really old computer with no vocal booth or anything; some previous tracks, while great, couldn’t really be played in the club due to mastering quality).

His new album Thee Physical just dropped last week on Lovepump United. Get it.

Pictureplane – Sex Mechanism

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