fresh summer mix by Blaise Deville!

sorry for all the problems with the site lately. having your site shut down because of too much traffic is like the police shutting down your party for noise – you’re doing something right, but it’s still not cool.

expect lots of updates this week, but first peep this – an all vinyl reggae mix by Blaise Deville, one of my favorite DJs in Shanghai.

I saw Blaise do this mix live at uDance (where i’m hosting Beat Buffet this weekend from 8PM – 10PM). He came in with a huge box full of 7″ 45s and used serato as a sampler for the sound effects.

It’s a great mix, just in time for the peak of the summer heat. So grab some watermelon off that truck in front of your house and dig in.

Here’s the tracklist:

Tracklist :

1. Elimination Game – Ticklah VS Victor Price

2. True Born Arfican – U-Roy & Sister Audrey

3. Kunta Kinte – The Revolutionaries

4. Noah’s Ark – Eek-A-Mouse

5. Rasta Tell You – Judah Askenda

6. Jah Help Those Who Help Themselves – B.B. Seaton

7. Should I – Dennis Brown

8. Coming From Town – Madoo

9. Shaolin Plot – Nicademus

10. Gwane A School – Tony Tuff

11. Good Morning Teacher – Nitty Gritty

12. Love Is The Light – Horace Andy

13. Till – Horace Andy

14. Jah Jah A Beat Them – Cornell Campbell

15. See A Man Face – General Levy

16. See & Blind – General Degree

17. Praise The Emperor – Black Mice

18. Chase The Devil – Earl 16

19. A Few Goes Aboasting – Dean Fraser

20. Unchained – Bob Andy

21. Looking My Love – Barrington Levy

22. Shinning Star – Phillip Fraser

23. Ease Up Baby – Linval Thompson

24. Run Around Girl – Tristan Palmer

25. Love Has No Shame – Glen Washington

26. Ghetto Girl – Dennis Brown

27. Loving You – Janet Kay

28. Mama Mama – General Smiley & The Sound Dimension

29. Peek A Boo – The Tamlins

30. Hotel Fee – Madoo

31. Fattie Bum-Bum – Carl Malcolm

32. Jammin So – Madoo

33. Soul Movement – Tommy Mc Cook & The Supersonics

34. Once Upon A Time – Delroy Wilson

35. Westbound Train – Dennis Brown

36. Glory To Sounds – Cedric Brooks

37. All Over – Ashanti Waugh

38. Jack Slick – Junior Murvin

39. Clean Out Yu Heart – L.T.

40. Believe In Me – Daville

Blaise and I will play a special Love Bang Chinese Valentine’s Day Special this Saturday, August 6th at Dada. Expect reggae early in the night and soul, disco, and hip hop later. Won’t get too crunk – we’re doing this for the lovers.

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