so much going on this weekend…if you’re in Shanghai on Friday, you need to be at Mao Livehouse. The homegrls Cha Cha, part of the Subculture/Uprooted fam, and Cookie, manager of OTAKREW, put together a series of shows showcasing the best Chinese hip hop acts from all around the country. This is the final episode in the three part series – The Big Show.

I went to the first show a few Fridays ago at The Shelter, and honestly I haven’t had a night like that at Shelter in probably two years. Just huge vibes and great music (H20 on some crazy beatbox looping and live Korg action…hBd back-to-back with LJ….Cavia with the late night rock set that had people taking their clothes off…)

This Friday sees The Connection at a much bigger venue – Mao Livehouse. They need it, because one of the hip hop producers from Guangzhou is bringing his 12-piece band (!!!) Lots of other MCs, DJs, and producers, all Chinese, plus the homie Ceezy on the decks. They got cats from both the north and the south – really different places, perhaps even more so than east coast vs. west coast in the states.

I don’t recommend other people’s events much on this site. With that said, DO NOT SLEEP on this one. Tickets are RMB80 pre-sale or RMB100 at the door (remember, they’re bringing artists from all over China for this…it’s a good deal).

So don’t be on some lame bullshit and go to M2 or M1NT to listen to “I Got a Feeling,” because The Big Show is the state of hip hop in China, 2011, and it’s really good. Holla at’cha boy I will be there for sure.