dat mixtape

Huge thanks to everyone who came to dada on saturday. Love Bang gets bigger and bigger each time. mad love.

in the tradition of our one-off “holiday edition” Love Bangs, I’m throwing down this Sunday night at Dada on the solo tip. everyone in China gets the week off work so if you’re not chasing…in Thailand or something, you best be at Dada for the usual hotpot of music. I’m also playing at the Ice Cream Truck Rooftop Party on Saturday afternoon/evening. Bringing a lot of vinyl out for that one…

and now I’m proud to present the mixtape DJ Caution and I have been working on for the last few weeks….

Syrup, Starfox Bass, Swamp R&B, Gucci Mane, original tracks, remixes, and edits, and more from The Super Ayi Cleaning Team Extended Fam. I’ll release the tracklist here in a couple days, have fun guessing until then.

We are killing the game with this one. No one else in China is touching our mixtape game. Enjoy – we put a lot of love into this.

Love Bang #10 Mixtape Dj Caution vs. Heatwolves by HeatWolves

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