where i be at tonight.

this is where i’ll be tonight. big, big night at Shelter. peep the interview I did with Vibronics in SmartShanghai.

really need some chill vibes after the HEALTH show last night. I liked their set, and I’m really happy they played a Pictureplane song + “USA Boys,” but…

– Shanhai needs to step it’s sound system game up in a big way before anyone can consider it a legitimate venue for live shows. for real my ears were hurting during their set and i had to leave early. the speakers clearly couldn’t handle what was going through them, hence all the hisses and pops. Where are the fucking subwoofers??????

– both opening bands really, really sucked. giving a few Chinese hipsters synths and drums and letting them jam out to open for a respectable band = not chill. I feel really bad if that was anyone’s first rock show.

– less smoke machine. smoke machine does not make shitty bands better. also 8:30PM is too early for smoke machines unless Danzig is playing.

– why does that convenience store close at 10:30????

But for real HEALTH put so much energy into their set, and when they came off stage they were completely soaked with sweat and looked like they’d been through war. Pretty sure the drummer is cousins with a grizzly bear or is a viking.

Also, the BBQ on the corner (the spot with tables and chairs)  is the best BBQ I’ve had in Shanghai. Hands down.

So yeah, come down to Shelter tonight. It’s singles day in China (yes that is a holiday) – AND it’s 11.11.11.

I hung out with the dub legends Vibronics and Echo Ranks and dem are super nice dudes who’ve been making quality dub/reggae/steppaz tunes for decades. Fucking decades, mang. Plus the whole Uprooted Sunshine crew including Cha Cha – her last performance before she dips to Madrid for Red Bull Music Academy.  There’s an exclusive track by her and Vibronics up for download over at the Sub-Culture Shanghai site, but only for 24 hours so get on it!

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