the uncle and his free range chickens.

happy monday to all. great weekend that started with Das EFX and a full band trying to come through Mao Live’s soundsystem (sound was fucking AWFUL..i just kept thinking “THIS is cacophony”)..really though I can’t imagine trying to manage eleven live instruments, two soul mamas on the mic, two extremely fucked-up rappers, and a DJ. that’s a fucking task. but still, i couldn’t understand a single lyric, and i’m a native English-speaker..

also, warm-up act Back To The Golden Age has now claimed the highest spot on my “acts in Shanghai that claim to be hip hop but are actually the anthesis of hip hop.” jesus christ you are so bad. you would think that with thirty people in your crew (including a few that looked like 8th graders), some of them would maybe like, not suck. but no.

also, in general, shouting “we represent the real hip hop!” 100+ time does not actually = representing the real hip hop.

still though i give this show points for being extremely entertaining and Das EFX not holding anything back or censoring themselves. also because Ceezy and MC One Con killed it with their early set. too bad they didn’t rock after..

if you were @ Shelter before 10PM on Saturday, you know some magic happened. a one-hour, all-Burial set by Kode9 on a well-tuned soundsystem. bass in the chest.

came back to Shelter at 2AM to catch the last 1/3 of Kode9’s set…juke music and jungle mixed impeccably. seriously the classiest mixing i’ve ever seen, on three CDJs no less. I was a bit nervous to play afterwards but i’m happy with the set, which was mostly rap (three 6/drake/etc) then booty music mixed with techno.

went to get my bike back from Lune yesterday afternoon and ran into this crazy uncle slanging chickens on the street. he wanted 17RMB for half a key, but i was like fuck that’s expensive and he got really mad. crazy uncle did not want me to take these pictures. love the juxtaposition of hypermodern architecture with scenes like this.

really feeling this new James Blake EP on R&S.

James Blake – Love What Happened Here

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