dat heatwolves top ten albums of 2011, in no order.

Just saw the homie Drunk Monk’s top ten list over at Sub-Culture and had to do one of my own.  Will do the top ten EPs in the next few days.  Hope u hv a VPN.

1. Danny Brown, XXX – My favorite new rapper, AND he’s from Michigan.. I never get sick of “I Will..” that beat sounds like the ghosts in Super Mario World castles.  Songs about stripping abandoned housing for copper plumbing, eating pussy, smoking blunts and taking Adderall, and Detroit, over beats made with prog-rock samples…insane flow. Super smart move by Fool’s Gold Records putting this out. “Langston Hughes wit a blue fuse and a screw loose.”

2. The Weeknd, House of Balloons – Perfect after-hours CD. Villain R&B w/ Beach House + Siousixe and The Banshees samples. Dark/sexy as fuck.

3. Rustie, Glass Swords – Turbo mode, exploding gold rings, sonic the hedgehog warp-speed cinematic ish. The last 1:00 of “Surph” is (!!!) So next level, all of it.

4. Balam Acab, Wander Wonder – Dreamy, beautiful music.  Loveswamp vibes. <3 that bass on “Apart” and “Now Time.”

5. ASAP Rocky, LIVE.LOVE.A$AP - New York x Houston x Midwest gangster raps over Clams Casino beats. “..School of hard knocks, I could show you my degrees/couple ABC’s/bad bitch double D’s, poppin’ E/I don’t give a F, told ya I’m a G…”

6. Tiger & Woods – Through The Green – LP that compiles the mystery duo’s singles from the last few years plus a few new jams. Dem are the dons of disco/slow-house edits. Always stays in the crate/CD wallet.

7. Sepalcure – Sepalcure – Listenable anywhere. Vocal samples floating around warm bass and trippy percussion. The piano on “Hold On,” the last few minutes of “Breezin…”

8. Drake – Take Care – A mainstream rapper I slept on for wayyyyy too long. Don’t really care that he used to be an actor on a teen TV drama, he’s done so many great tracks. I played like four or five tracks off this per set in November/December..if you hate on this album you probably hate on sex too.

9. Juicy J – Blue Dream & Lean – Came home at 5am one night and listened to this all the way through while eating some gratin from lawson’s; LOLed IRL dozens of times. Only serious misstep is the Kreayshawn feature. Unfortunately I predict Juicy J gwan die within five years if the conspicuous drug consumption he promotes in these songs isn’t a hyperbole, e.g. “you say no to drugs – Juicy J can’t,” and “trying to get high enough to see Biggie.”

Remember Three 6 has been putting out music since like 1991 (!!!) They sampled Transformers in 2003.

10. Hype Williams – One Nation – Weird music that sounds like worn-out VHS tapes looping over underwater subwoofers. Can easily see myself listening to this again in twenty years.

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