Love Affair Recap // Hudson Mohawke “Freek”

thanks and <3 to all who came thru dada last night! got to play a lot of hip hop and moombahton. first time i’ve seen moombahton really really go off like that, felt good.

and special thanks to dude on weibo for taking this photo. sums up the mood of the evening. that’s Doraemon, season two in the background.

[only negative comment about the evening] random dudes please don’t come all up in the dj booth and try to have a n00b conversation about shanghai when the dj’s clearly trying to select and mix, and then not leave when the dj politely asks you to leave, four times… after giving vague, one word answers to questions and throwing social signals like whoa.

i don’t wanna have that kind of conversation with an attractive girl when i’m DJing; definitely don’t wanna have it with some random British dude.

“wow, so you’ve been here for four years???? that’s crazy! you must like it.”


LUCKILY the bodyguard JER0Me came through and silently handled the situation. no words or blows were exchanged. JERoMe is on tha 道 level, and don’t no one wanna mess with a man on dat level ya hearrrrd me.

big up to JER0Me! i see u cuzin.

today’s track, about waking up horny and needing to call a freak, is from a five-track EP of R&B and hip hop bootlegs by one of my favorite UK producers – Hudson Mohawke. vinyl only because the samples on these tracks by Janet Jackson, Keri Hilson, Jodeci, Aaliyah and Gucci Mane would be so expensive to clear. hopefully i’ll get this on vinyl/唱片 sometime soon.
(this is a vinyl rip/录音从唱片, not the best quality but the song is great!)

Hudson Mohawke – Freek

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