Yo, been a minute since the last post cause I’ve been in the lab with DJ Caution cooking up this new mixtape. as always, it’s different from any tape we’ve done before. this time we welded together some old-school electro by Cybotron, Egyptian Lover, and NWA with some new bass music from Distal, Boddika, and Girl Unit. here’s the writeup and tracklist:

We get lots of requests for electro when we DJ. The kids always use adjectives like “filthy”  and “dirty” when they talk about this genre, so we want to show people the shiny, neon side of electro with this mix. Electro’s silicon roots, built in Detroit with drum machines and hardware synths. This is music for cold Siberian nights after the end of the world, drifting through the galaxy at 5,000 kilometers per hour on a prison ship, stars exploding in streams of pink and turquoise light all around. If you like Robocop or Blade Runner, you’ll love this mix.


1.  MC 石头 meets 上海司机
2.  Egyptian Lover – I Want to Make Love
3.  Girl Unit – Ensemble (Club Mix)
4.  Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Stock Exchange
5.  Cybotron – Clear
6.  Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector
7.  Kraftwerk – Numbers (Super Ayi Cleaning Team Edit)
8.  N.W.A. – Something to Dance To
9.  Lazer Sword – Klock
10.  Twilight 22 – Siberiean Nights (Super Ayi Cleaning Team Edit)
11.  Mensah – The Resistance
12.  Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
13.  Space Dimension Controller – Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)
14.  Boddika – Soul What
15.  Distal – House Party Five

We’re going on tour next weekend – catch us at NUTS Livehouse in Chongqing on June 1st, Xiongmao Club in Chengdu on June 2nd, and Corner Livehouse in Songjiang on June 7. We might not make it back from West China alive (lots of bears and hungry ghosts over there) so be sure to catch us this Saturday, May 26th with our good friend DJ Cavia @ Dada Bar, aka our living room.

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