So Songjiang was a bit of a bust. The promoter didn’t really do her job and we ended up playing “Babyface music,” per request, for like 25 people until about midnight. I had to clarify if the requester meant the singer Babyface or the nouveau riche Chinese club chain. He meant the latter…

Don’t really understand what happened because I told the promoter I’d pay her well if she did a good job…maybe she’s rich? I don’t know. Promoter girl didn’t even say goodbye at the end of the night. Didn’t send a thank you mail, or god forbid an apology or a “hey we’ll do it better next time.” Nope. Her boyfriend and Dutch friend were cool though. Some of the students who came out were nice too.

The show ended at midnight so we went to the ghetto 88 and Phoebe Club next door. Club 88 in Songjiang is fucking d-i-r-e. Loud as fuck, filled with farmer gangsters, and no smiles for white boys. I did rap at Phoebe Club with a bunch of working girls on stage while the DJ played a pre-mixed CD. That was the coolest part of the night.

We took a black cab (illegal taxi) back to Shanghai after we got the “buy a drink or get the fuck out” vibe from Phoebe Club. Cab driver had to stop on the highway for like ten minutes and fuck with his ghetto GPS to find my street Huaihai Lu // Huashan Lu…really just two of the most well-known streets in Shanghai.

Anyway, we’re returning to Dada this FRIDAY and doing it proper. We’ve got special guest Choyce Cutz playing all the jams he wishes he could play at M1NT and M2, plus DJ Caution and myself. It’s our hip hop special, and we’re playing everything from old school to new school, east coast to west coast, dirty south to memphis, baltimore to jersey, and lots, lots more.

Peep this mix Choyce Cutz just gave us and get ready for Friday!


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