no work on friday – what are a dragonboat

Dragonboat Festival coming up on Sunday. According to my colleagues, this party’s been going down for 2,500 + years. So next time you eat a zongzi (…gooey rice triangle filled with savory pork or something sweet, always wrapped in a banana leaf..) remember that people been eating that since before tha boi Jesus was eatin salmon.

Again, according to my colleagues, Dragonboat festival started because this poet dude was pissed about the state of affairs in China so he committed suicide by jumping in a lake. Because he was a really chill dude who wrote romantic poems, his friends were like “nah we can’t have all those fish disrespecting dude’s body like that” so they threw a bunch of sticky rice triangles stuffed with savory pork in the river so the fish would eat those instead of upset poet dude’s flesh.

Not sure if they used the Dragonboat to retrieve poet dude’s body or to throw the zongzi at the fish…maybe both.

My colleagues later asked me why white people eat turkey on thanksgiving and I said I dunno but turkey is good and thanksgiving is fucked up cause we killed so many Indians but act like we were just hanging out eating turkey with them but thanksgiving is still the chillest holiday cause there’s no presents people just chill and eat.

Anyway, no one has to work on Friday so you should come to Dada tonight. My fellow Super Ayi Cleaning Team member DJ Caution is playing great music all night and I’ll probably get on the decks for a while too. Dragon-step bra

Wow I’m in Gubei right now and there’s so many whores and so much Korean food.

It’s sunny and this song is exactly how I feel.

Clipse – Gangsta Lean

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