mc on my block, probably on drugs, using lots of echo.

this is the same corner where i first met the woman with the giant pet pig.

he looks like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, except with dreads and on crystal meth.

so really kind of a surreal day, because when i first came downstairs, i noticed that the spiders in the mailbox hallway got even fatter. again, not really mad at them but it’s always kinda tense walking under their webs cause they’re way bigger than a quarter.

and then this.

dude would just pace around for a minute then change the song and start yelling “OH YEAH, LEEEEEEEET’S GO!” like MC 石头 with tons of echo then do some pretty weak breakdancing moves, various jumping kicks, then get kinda tired and wander around dazed for a minute.

at one point he tried to give out some buisness cards but no one wanted one so i took one. the card has pictures of him doing flying kicks ten feet in the air wearing only leaves and a speedo in some ancient places.

he just packed up and left after a while, still quite dazed and visibly oblivious to his surroundings.

lots going on tonight in Shanghai. if you wanna hear some dark party music like goth, italo disco, techno, industrial, etc, you should head to Dada for Tzusing’s STOCKHOLM SYNDROME party. Morgan DJing down there too and he’s off to Beijing soon.

DJ Wordy live at Shelter sounds really dope, but not happy about a RMB80 cover for a guest from IN China (Kode9 was RMB60..) will prlly still go tho.

“drop it off, drop it off, bitch i got a sawed-off”

Three 6-Mafia – Walk Up 2 Yo House

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