let’s just keep getting surreal

really an odd weekend…stepped out of my apartment yesterday and met this auntie and her chicken. she said she was taking it down the street for slaughter, and that it would be delicious indeed.

really thinking more and more about quitting meat these days. this dude in my gym the other day was like “yeah look at how strong cows are and they don’t eat any meat” and that made a lot of sense. this guy also lives in an underground house in Siberia, attached to his underground greenhouse…no electricity, only eats hand-blended vegetables..

dude also gave me the best advice ever on what to do if a women asks the question “what do you think about getting married?” – simply respond, “it sounds very nice” and say nothing more. perfectly vague.

anyway, Dragonboat Holiday is too intense. i’m leaving Shanghai next time because there’s no escaping the party in town.

if you haven’t gotten Clams Casino Instrumentals 2, really…cop that. it’s free. this is the best beat on there. was sitting in the back room at Shelter late on Saturday when Drunk Monk dropped this and I ran back to the floor.

Big up to everyone who played at Shelter the other night. Really good sets by all, especially AM444 and ROM. Really hope that is not the last ROM show as Ice-9 said..that “I Don’t Know How To Have Fun Anymore” song was pretty next level.

Clams Casino – I’m God [Lil B]

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