Realize I’ve been posting a lot of rap // trap // gucci mane lately, and it’s the rainy season so i’m gonna post some older, non-trap songs from the records i’ve been listening to at the wolftress. Recently [kind of] reorganized my vinyl collection and found a ton of LPs I hadn’t heard in at least a year. LPs are perfect for rainy days…

Lou Reed, easily one of the rawest songwriters ever. “How do you think it feels to be up for five days and afraid to go to sleep?” Berlin is way dark but still somewhat pop.

I grew up on a lot of Lou Reed. Fondly remember listening to his “New York” album on tape while riding in my father’s “Batmobile” (Silver 1991 Camry) on the way to school, and my father explaining to me that Lou Reed used to get electroshock therapy for being gay and that back then homosexuality was listed as a disorder in the DSM.

This one is about a promiscuous women who gets her daughter taken away by the government because she’s “not a good mother.” Story is told from the perspective of a dude she’s probably rejected, probably someone who lives in her apartment building.

Yeah. The whole album is tales and character portraits like this. It’s brilliant all the way through.

Lou Reed – The Kids

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