in the middle of a really sketchy taxi ride  to the office now…driver muttering and swerving..other drivers visibly upset…and it’s raining.

do you know about 肉松 (meat floss) ? known by many as “tha flo$$,” this meat product shows up in the most unexpected places…on top of cupcakes, in the middle of a sandwich, in or on soups… i bet tha flo$$ is in your neighborhood too, even if you don’t know it.

oh shit just stalled in a tunnel then spun out. tires so bald, can feel it…

sometimes there’s no avoiding tha flo$$. the only sandwich at my office that isn’t a disturbing cut of “New Orleans Drummy” chicken has two halfs – one egg salad and pretty decent, and the other – i don’t even need to say it. and i’m not gonna throw away half of a sandwich..

so i’ve just accepted tha flo$$ in my life. nothing i can do about it, don’t need to get mad.

according to Wikipedia it’s also known as “meat wool.” grandma zhou bein like “pass the meat wool please” sounds funny but floss sounds odd too. but idk cause there’s no dental floss here and that’s my association with the word floss…maybe not weird at all to those unacquainted with dental floss. i’m not a linguist.

i don’t know about this Kid’s Floss though. i’m unfamiliar with this meat product. not ready to accept this.

just had to get real with the driver for a second, he was not keeping it 100.

One things for sure though – you need money for tha flo$$. You might need to go to the ATM.

Modern Witch – ATM

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