Knew I was gonna stay at Shelter way too late. Well worth it though, Conrank killed it at like 2:30AM.. Boy had literally just gotten off the plane from the Philippines, suitcase in hand. I’m not even a drum & bass fan but I really dig what Conrank plays.

Great night, only bad part was that ambient / noise / wtf live act from Beijing… Aka COMPLICATED HARDWARE BROS.

There was a full dance floor and dudes just killed the vibe. I think they were both autistic. I understand if artists gotta keep it real but 1AM with a packed dance floor is not the time or place to play your half-sketched, beatless sludge of sound that clearly no one was feeling. It’s a selfish, bullshit move to pull especially when you’re the guest. Worst part was THEY didn’t look like they were feeling it, and didn’t seem to know what was up with their equipment.

Really, as soon as I see someone setting up like ten pieces of hardware, I *almost* know it’s gonna be bullshit. Rarely been impressed with a set by a Complicated Hardware Bro. Seen some dope sets on the MPC for sure, but not on some kaos pad chained to a mini synth chained to ten other devices.

And you brought all that shit down from Beijing? What’s the point. Pretty sure I could have rocked it harder on one CDJ and an airhorn button.

I’m playing TONIGHT at Yuyintang with four bands. Come down for some good old rock and roll. I promise there will be NO COMPLICATED HARDWARE BROS, at least not any playing music.

Then I’m on at 3AM at Dada playing Dubstep with Conrank. Should be a good late night sesh, looking forward to it.


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