Love Bang Podcast #2 by Ceezy

Great mix for any time of day or night here by long-time Love Bang friend Ceezy. Born and raised in Shanghai, he’s put out more beats than anyone else i know of in this city of twenty million. His music is like Mario Kart Koopa Beach level x Nujabes + 60’s and 70’s flavor, and dude looks like he jumped straight out of an anime.

Ceezy’s mixtapes always sound like a vacation to a far-away land drenched with sun, cartoons, and MPC beats. His productions carry titles like “飞行的浴缸 (Flying bath in a cloudy day)” – check them out over at

Soul, hip hop, funk, and jazz floating in and out on this mix. One of the best MF Doom songs shows up too. As with all his mixes, you’re in for an adventure.

When he’s not making beats or remixing, he’s behind the counter at streetwear/record store/restaurant KIN and sometimes behind the decks at The Shelter for the White Noise, BEAT CONDUCTORZ, and Back To The Classics nights, plus various shows with Hit It, Otakrew, and other crews. He DJed for Das EFX once.

Catch him playing a long set from 9:30 – 12:30 on Friday, August 17th @ Dada Bar for Love Bang #20.

No tracklist yet. Will post in a few days. Enjoy.

Photo by T-Plus! He’s warming it up like kane for us next Saturday at Shelter.

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