Hyperdub Back at The Shelter – Scratcha DVA this Saturday

Huuuuuge series of bass/dubstep shows at The Shelter starts this Saturday with Scratcha DVA. Big up to the fam at Subculture Shanghai for the bookings.

Huge name in the UK Bass scene right here. He’s the legendary label Hyperdub, has releases on countless other labels, and used to host the breakfast show on Rinse FM. He’s playing at Dada Beijing on Friday and The Shelter, Shanghai on Saturday.

I’ve really enjoyed browsing this guy’s facebook wall/twitter feed..here’s some highlights:

“Ok so my dream featurd Kozzie, Jammer, Lioness, some Skinhead wiv no top on and Kevin Bacon who i had a fight wiv over a bag of weed :S”

“Avacado Mission episode 2: Location – High Street Nrth East Ham. 4 CashnCarrys entered… Result negative. Il let u kno how i get on”

“8 so called Green grocers: negative …. Avacado Mission: Failed.. Reporting bk2 HQ”

“2many inconvenience stores round ere that dnt sell choclate flavor oreos… Walkd 4a mile im fumin!”

“hell no! Lol im upset i lost my dvd of Dont b a Menace.. Cant remembr who i borrowd it2″

“Dere needs 2b a man in a van who jus delivers whateva u want 2ur house. And he starts work at midnite til 6am and he has an alcohol license”

“How cn i go ina west indian food and arx 4 a patty an they only got salt fish an veg kind…. Kmt piss off”

Peep this mix he just did for SubCulture – badman.


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