Super Ayi Cleaning Team – “Gangnam Katz” (PSY vs. KW GRIFF)

so DJ Caution and I made this mash-up of Gangnam Style and KW Griff/L-Vis 1990. was kind of a joke but i threw it up on Soundcloud and it got over 1,000 listens in 24 hours – thank you!

i was getting a lot of the requests for the original but couldn’t bear the instrumental, so we laid the acapella over the L-Vis 1990 dub of KW Griff’s amazing “Bring In The Katz.” surprisingly enough, it kind of makes sense.

have tested this on dance floors and it works wonders. it’s weird hearing K-Pop over stripped-back, bass heavy riddims, but then again it’s weird hearing K-Pop in the club and on the radio in America. we used to think Hyundai’s were wack too.

…As Ivan The Tyrant tells me, the original “Gangnam Style” is a satire of rich Korean society, which makes it much cooler than I thought.

btw thank you to everyone who came out to Love Bang #21 on Saturday. was probably our biggest party yet…place was so packed, vibes were heavy.

we’ve got lots more in the works, including a party at the new mural this Saturday. stay tuned!

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