what’s good this weekend in shanghai

i was buying shirts at H&M yesterday and i asked the saleswoman “why are your shirts lower quality than Uniclo but more expensive?”

“hehe..ummm, well, we’re more diversified.”

i dunno about that, but this lady in my hood has diversified her business model for sure.

not only does she sell dildos, rubber vaginas, condoms, bath salts viagra, and personal lubricants, she’s now selling fruit too.

imagine the time you’ll save buying poppers and pomegranates in ONE shop. very next level Ayi right here.

speaking of poppers, there’s a cool rock show going on at the gay bar down the street. my good friends PAIRS are having an album release party at 390. that’s tonight from 7PM – 9PM. all the info here over at Shanghai 24/7.

Shanghai’s first ever beer festival kicks off tonight too. Heard they’ll have sixty different kinds of beer. Hopefully some nice stouts, porters, and IPAs cause that’s what i’m bout. That’s going on all weekend at that concrete place by the fake beach. Same place as DAFF. Sounds good, i’ll be down there Saturday or Sunday.

AND, the JZ Festival. It’s a jazz festival in the nicest outdoor venue in Shanghai and the best thing the Expo gave us (besides Haibao, RIP) – the expo garden. I love this festival and just hanging outside listening to good music in these brief fall days.

Peep the full lineup for that over at SmartShanghai

Finally, [self-promo warning] the Popasuda One-Year Anniversary party at Dada bar tomorrow night. This is the night I have to prep the hardest for because it’s all Latin/Brazilian music. Reggaeton, Cumbia, Spanish Hip Hop, Baile Funk, all that. This party is also gonna be broadcast live at four other clubs in China too. It’s just DJ Sal and I all night, gonna be madness.

That’s it. I don’t think anything else is happening this weekend. Some clubs opening, some clubs closing. Billions of RMB will be spent. Lamb and fried rice will be consumed. I wish I was in Taiwan or Bali or anywhere but here.

Half kidding; love you Shanghai.

My friend Nico made this track. It’s hilarious. I think the samples come from Chinesepod or some kind of Chinese language acquisition tapes.


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