love bang shirts have arrived

Realized it was not feasible to hand-draw 100 of the Love Bang T-shirts I’ve been wearing the the past year, so we finally screen-printed some. Would not have been possible without Adam and his girlfriend, who handled all the printing work in their home studio. I just did the drawing.

Took the original hand drawing and then vectorized that with Adobe Illustrator.

Turned it into a screen wit a UV Lamp and, ummm..fabric screen?


Po’ some paint on dat…

note, the ink on all the shirts is black, not blood red like this. this picture above is from my first attempt at screen-printing, when i came to pick up the dope. i printed on a nice, 9RMB canvas bag. it’s really easy, and really fast.

the front = “super ayi cleaning team.” this name sounds really strange in Chinese, and that’s the point. the concept behind this shirt is to give Chinese people the same feeling that native English speakers get when we see Chinglish. this isn’t gramatically incorrect, it’s just not natural (or grounded in reality, for that matter).

the back = two smalls ghosts. one says “不要宅” (bu yao zhai). 宅 is a fairly new term in Mandarin to describe “staying at home [and e.g. watching dvds on a laptop, chatting on QQ messenger, playing video games, social networking, or similar activities one can perform from the comfort of their nest].”

a lot of young people are “stay at home boys” or “stay at home girls.” it’s hard to get these people motivated to do anything outside of their house. it’s unfortunate, so these ghosts are saying “don’t stay at home!”

we’ve got a bunch of shirts in grey, and a FEW in pink, white, and blue.

The shirts are RMB150 ($24) – The shirts are from Uniclo, and they’re all hand-printed on the front and back. Could have gone with cheaper material but I want these to last.

You can grab one at MIDI Electronic Festival this Saturday; we’ll be giving away a few and have more for sale. Otherwise, you can holler at me on Facebook or in real life. We’ll have these in some stores around town soon too, stay tuned.


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