New Love Bang Bootleg (女人是老虎)

We kept this remix in the pocket for over a year and finally got it mastered down at CTRL studios. This will bang on a club system, your Hyundai speakers from Carrefour, or in your 95′ LS400 as you cruise around the suburbs.

This early 80s mainland pop song tells the dark tale of two monks who travel to the mountains to beg for alms. The old monk warns the young monk of the tigers (= women) who lurk.

But the tigers look so cute to the young monk, who cannot resist the temptation. Soon they invade his heart….

Most Chinese pop songs’ subject matter = “I love you,” “I hate you,” or “I feel hurt/you broke my heart.” This one stood out so we remixed it. Enjoy. We’ll offer the free DL for 48 hours on Christmas morning. Happy Solstice.



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