First Love Bang of 2013 – the year of the snake.

Classic Love Bang lineup right here, just DJ Caution and myself playing back-to-back all night plus MC One Con. No guest cause we need the money for our trip to London next month. Expect hip hop, house, club jams, disco, and dubstep.

About the poster – ever wonder why Chinese people love to set off fireworks on CNY? All that smoke and flash is to scare the nianshou, a monster who shows up on the Chinese New Year holiday year after year. I asked my friend, “instead of just scaring that monster every year, why don’t they just kill him???”

That’s the inspiration behind this month’s flyer, drawn by myself and Cecilia Chan. The snake is saying, in Beijing dialect, “one bullet to kill the son of a bitch.” There’s at least one more hidden joke – a 13点 (shi san dian, or 13 o’clock) is a stupid person.

See you on Saturday.

(2008) Joker – Snake Eater

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