Spent two hours in the Dubai airport yesterday, and dem got my money. Ate a Spicy Chicken Big Mac and bought a New Yorker + Foreign Affairs, for a total of about $40.00. Also copped some rare, Dubai exclusive colored pencils. I’ve been waiting for some new colors to come out and Dubai came through.

This place has the ethnic diversity of Singapore, but with Middle Eastern rather than Asian flavor. We saw smoking rooms filled with Sheikhs smoking long, skinny pipes filled with fine green tobacco, full-on jewelry/gold dealers and waterfalls in the middle of the terminal, and people washing their feet in the restroom sinks before prayer (prayer rooms for sure).

From miles above in our excellently piloted Airbus 388, the city looked like seeds scattered throughout pure dessert with the occasional patch of manmade green. After some heavy turbulence, we got the smoothest landing ever. Felt like we landed on pillows.

Starkey – Command

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