Love Bang Saturday night @ Dada Bar innit. We’ve got a special anarchist vegan guest playing a crazy live set at 10:30 sharp. Dubstep-ish beats laced with field recordings and arabic vocals. Peep the interview my friend Morgan Short did with the man Filistine over at SmartBeijing. An interesting read for sure.

Wow, everyone chose to do their night tonight, Friday. That’s great for me tmmr. Heard something about an italo-disco party in an abandoned KTV tonight with DJ Mike Simonetti, the head of the label that brought you half of the Drive soundtrack and artists like Glass Candy and Chromatics. Before that, this rock show at 390 Bar with SF band The Oh-Sees and local friends PAIRS looks dope as well. If you don’t like rock or italo-disco in off-venues, head to the Bund for Hip Hop Hijack – always a good party. And there’s a straight-up techno night at The Shetler put on by the homie Steven Lorenz and the Bassment Crew. I did vocals for one of the tracks on the compilation they’re giving away tonight. And by vocals, I mean I talked some bullshit in front of my old apartment and Raph recorded it.

And yes, Madlib tmmr night at the Shelter. Gutted I can’t make it due to Love Bang responsibilities, but catch the interview I did with the man over at Smart Shanghai. I just hope enough hip hop heads get down there to outweigh the financial investor “i’m-here-cause-i-heard-this-was-cool-and-i-should-be-there” crowd. Thank god there won’t be any bouncers to say “take off your hat” like there were at the Questlove show.



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