Old Man Post // Kahn – “Dread”

Amazing how dubstep became a full-on genre, with a universe of sub-genres, in just a decade. That’s the power of the internet. We’ve got brostep, post-dubstep, trap, maximal stuff like Rustie, witch house, commercial dubstep or EDM whatever the fuck that means. Probably more genres too.

*witch house obviously owes heavily to R&B and industrial too, but probably wouldn’t have happened without dubstep.

Really hope EDM dies fast. Really sick of getting requests for The Aviciis. Last year, a bro requested that levels song and spilled a beer on my laptop and I’ll never forget that. He was like “oooooooo maaaaaa bad bro….” Fuck you Aviciis. [old man moment] In my senior year of high school, we listened to AFI, T.I., and  Dipset; maybe a little Aphex Twin. Now these kids are poppin molly and wilding out to The Sweedish House Mafias. Shit is so corny.

But I love DJing at Mural bar once a month, because kids come up and flash an iPhone in my face with “The Sweedish House Mafias????” written in Notes, and I just point upstairs toward the realm of terror called Pheobe 3D Club, and its neighbor “Laughing Bar,” and tell em that’s where they can hear that. They may make a sad face (or a face of disbelief that I don’t have that music), but the kids don’t leave. See, they already paid the RMB100 open bar, so if I wanna play Egyptian Lover, I can, and I have seen the Aviciis generation wild out to some Egyptian Lover, they just didn’t know what was going on. That’s a beautiful thing.

When it comes to dubstep, a lot of cats get caught-up in all that mid-range tomfoolery and forget bout the dub. Not Kahn, one of my favorite producers for the past few years, ever since “Like We Used To” came out.  He’s got several releases on Deep Medi, one of the most-respected classic dubstep labels, plus a killer 12″ “Backchat” on Hotline Recordings. Can’t forget about “Percy” either. Definitely one to watch.

Kahn – Dread

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