Thursday @ Logo – Heatwolves’ Castle

Our favorite dive is back, and looking a bit sharper than before. I’m headed down to Logo on Xingfu Lu for a long set this Thursday with all strains of dope music – hip hop, disco, beats, dubstep-not-brostep, house; songs for dancing, songs for love. No cover, affordable drinks, nice place. Really love the new Logo, pumped to play there.

还记得幸福路的LOGO酒吧吗? 如果记得,那你就是个上海老头! LOGO终于回归,所以热狼必须要到那边放音乐. 本周四,没门票,只要过来听各种各样好音乐就行了 – HIP HOP, HOUSE, DISCO, BEATS, DUBSTEP, 还有更多. 酒也不贵。不要宅!

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