Just came back from Shanghai Fashion Week. Free Stoli for all and a gift bag. I got a thermos containing two hot chocolate mix packets, two tins of fruit mints, and some post cards. No money though. Usually when journalists/editors in China show up to cover events like this, they receive some money from a brand or the event organizers. The amount depends on the size of the publication. A writer for a huge magazine might get a few thousand kuai in their hongbao (red envelope). Neither this blog nor Love Bang had much representation at Shanghai Fashion Week 2013, so no RMB for yrs truly, but I caught one show for a brand whose name I never caught. My first fashion show ever.

A decent-sized crowd stood outside the gates in Xintiandi at 4:53. A big guy with small sunglasses from Europe* behind me in line dismissed the girl taking tickets with “Why does this pass say VIP but I still have to wait in line until 5:00? Come work in Paris for one week you’ll learn how to work.” Two Shanghai uncles blocked the gates politely. They looked a little better-groomed then the average gate-guarding uncle in Shanghai. A little more fashion. The man from Europe don’t speak Chinese and the uncles don’t speak any English except “Five O’Clock.” Europe has lived here for ten years and only knows “right, left, and home.”

*I asked dude where he was from and he just said “Europe.”

I generally equate fashion in Shanghai with tackiness and naturally expected the same of a fashion event, but the show proved way less gaudy than expected. Also, no one doting over foreigners, that’s for sure; thank god. In the waiting area, a girl in an apron kept spraying some upmarket room fresherner. Sweet, sweet molecules. The Stoli bartenders poured watered down cranberry vodkas and vodka gingers, served by tall girls in polar bear colored outfits. Went outside and talked to some security guards around the pond. No fish in there.

We moved into the big room*, which soon went dark. Bird sounds came over the speakers and thick low clouds of smoke poured into the room and down the runway. Then came the girls. As someone who works in entertainment, it’s weird to see people on-stage in a but just moving like museum pieces and never interacting with the audience. But that’s fashion.

Most of the girls move like robots, eyes fixed in a gaze. They’re all tall and special looking; pretty or have some unique feature, like really exotic eyes or just an exotic vibe. None had thighs or hips, but it was a Shanghai brand. The seven or eight girls each modeled four different outfits, then some celebrities came out. One woman came out with a toddler and smiled at lots of people; a really nice, well-practiced smile. She was the only one that interacted with the audience at all so she’s the only one I really remember.

As for the clothes, not too memorable. No bras made of H7N9 masks. I recall a sparkly blue houndstooth-ish skirt and an Asian twist on a high school letter jacket. The tall, broad-shouldered girl rocking that one felt straight out of a cold android high-school in some anime about the future. As for fashion in the audience, nothing too wild or memorable. I should have worn a Love Bang shirt or the “LanZhou Noodle Princess 兰州拉面格格” I made for DJing yesterday.

*a special shout out to the seats at Shanghai Fashion Week, maybe the most comfortable i’ve found in Shanghai. like, fancy bleachers topped with soft mats, really low to the ground and generous legroom.

This is what I call Fashion House. Heard some of this at the Cat City party that actually went down yesterday. That was like a big house party, and even when the music went out for two hours, peeps still chilled and ate cheap foods. Shout out to feta cheese rolls, mini burgers, dark beer, and Eastern European food. Really dank salads too. Anyway, here’s that fashion house.

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Disclosure – Lividup

Also, not mad at Lay’s Cool & Refreshing Cucumber Flavor potato chips right now. Not mad at fashion house either.

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