So that live blogging from the BBQ cookoff never happened. Within thirty minutes of  arrival, I crashed on a skateboard and started bleeding from my back and wrist then got chased and bitten by a Scottish Sheep Dog with an enormous D. But otherwise a great day in the sun, with pure meats, whiffle ball, and reverse culture shock.

Starting today, I’m going to feature some of the best cloud seedlings on Soundcloud, beginning with an upcoming release by one of my favorite producers. Kingdom fuses some of my favorite genres, R&B, electro, Baltimore, and dubstep, but manages to sound way classier than his peers. This is the darker cousin of R&B (no racist), with similar DNA as newer releases by Shlohmo but much clubbier and stripped-back. Super distinctive and immediately identifiable style. His 2010 release on Night Slugs remains one of my favorites from that label, and I expect he’ll eventually get picked up by some pop stars and major labels. Tracks like “Let You Know” make me think that’s what he’s after.

I’d been listening to this track from his upcoming EP on Fade To Mind (sister label of Night Slugs) and noticed a familiar name on the art production credits – Kim Laughton from ROM! The VJ who looks like white Jesus, you know who I’m talking about. He’s seriously stepped up his art game in the past few years and now he’s done this stunning album cover. Reminds me a bit of the final battle in Akira. Definitely copping the full EP on May 28th, can’t wait.

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