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Really proud to finally launch the site for the club night i do in shanghai and other cities. Big up to Team Dalek for their all-star design and programming work!

Actually Team AYI brought down Astrill so you’d have to peep this 网站.

This minimalist site just links all our English and Chinese social media and lets the public sign up for our mailing list. The book in the corner takes users to the “some art” corner of, which Team AYI will soon make more fashion.

Youku = Chinese YouTube and Weibo = Chinese Twitter. Actually, Weixin/WeChat looks to trump Weibo in China. Unsure how to best use Weixin for promo, but definitely not a massive group chat. Really hate the big group chats sometimes because my phone already vibrates randomly so when that group chat goes off too that’s bout enough to drive a person mad. But for meetings/projects with like three – six people, Weixin/WeChat OWNS.

Also, apparently less young people are using Weibo in China because of increased ads, fake fans, and censorship. This is good and bad. Good because you can have closer contact with closer friends, but bad because netizens often use Weibo to expose scandal/corruption/other dark matters, and Weixin doesn’t really work for that. I imagine the average Weixin user’s account has a smaller “circle of information” than their Weibo account.

For example, if I open up Weibo, I’ll see pictures from concerts in Beijing, a crazy 3D mapping video by my friend Matt (more about that in this week’s “What’s Good in Shanghai?”), a random picture of Rihanna, art, cool stories reposted by friends with good taste, and news stories like that Chengguan officer who stomped on a street-vendors head. I do get a lot more bullshit but filtering through that can land some gems like this.

If I open up Wexin, I’ll get a lot more personal info. Photos from friends’ trips and last nights, promo from close friends, drawings/art by friends. Also cool but really a different circle and level of closeness. Weibo = big picture, news, scandals, reposts of cool shit, Weixin = awesome functions for socializing with people you likely know IRL. Both important. Anyway, gonna keep experimenting with Weibo, i.e. figuring out how to succeed at Chinese social media.

Anyone have ideas for how to best promote our nights through Weixin/WeChat?

Shout out to my Beta Tester fam. Please leave any comments/problems/feedback about the site in the comments here!


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