Feeling calm now with Astrill back? What’s really c’estbon in Shanghai fam??

I’m posted up in one of Shanghai’s criminally underrated cafes, Family Mart, with “Like a G6” and the Fam Mart welcome ring on blast. Just took bus #76 to Jing An, aka France part deux, and found a cafe with owl-themed deserts but no wi-fi so return to Family Mart (Fam Mart). Can’t pay have-wifi prices for places without wifi now.

Fam Mart really stepped up their food game last month with yuppie inspired items like paninis, chicken bacon wraps, and potato salad. The wraps are steady winnin’ for 8RMB plus their jiaozi and noodles pwn the competition. Some Fam Marts have fat bags of treats (gummy bears or sour peaches) for 8RMB plus decent cookies. Rounded out by an ice cream selection with that red-bean fish, chairs by the window, and cheap americano, I rate Fam Mart. I once made my own milkshake here with that ice cream that looks like Vienetta (remember that Persian Cat commercial??) and some lion ice creams in the “MP3” blender. High staff morale here; team players.

Alright so if you’re not hanging out in Family Mart this weekend, here’s what’s good.


1. Lovebanguniverse.com Launch Party @ Dada Bar. DJ Caution and myself, along with MC One Con all nite at the 老地方 on Xingfu Lu. Just gonna hook up two Serato boxes and play back to back on two Technics all night. Got a lot of new rap and club music plus  old techno/acid I wanna play and you know DJ Caution always comes correct #shanghaimostunderrated. Will be pumpin’ for sure, and it’s free entry.

2. Simian Mobile Disco @ Arkham. Really solid booking for Shanghai. I saw these guys play at BonBon* back in 2008 and the killed it. Think this is just a DJ set but should be good, albeit slightly expensive – RMB220 at the door. They just did a track with our friends Bicep that’s getting lots of love over on the Soundclouds:


*Bonbon, a OG RMB100 all-you-can-drink club open on Huaihai Lu/Changshu Lu until early 2010, I think. Absolute madness. Broken glass everywhere, like that song; and absolutely treacherous stairs leading up to the door. Saw many, many falls there, and legitimately saw someone dead or at least with a broken neck at one point. Once a woman there offered to drive drunk and take me back to Hangzhou. But Bonbon had better music than any of today’s all-you-can-drink spots like Pheobe (no love…) and Ruby’s (dear god..). I believe the legendary Trix was a resident at one point.

3. Snapline at 390: Pretty famous post-punk/new wave Chinese rock band from Beijing, plus my friend Hei Mu from Xi’an and Duck Fight Goose, who are sometimes really good but did get booed off the stage when they opened for Slash due to unfortunate lineup selection. Really solid local rock show for sure. RMB50 Cover.

4. Hip Hop Hijack @ The Geisha – Always a solid choice for strictly hip hop, r&b, dancehall, urban. Also saw that dude DJ Mick kill it last Friday with a trap set. Tonight they’ve flown in a guest from Europe so it’s RMB100 at the door.

(sound cloud link to track with bicep).

And I believe Shanghai Pride week starts today? Shout out to Pride – the 10% making a lot of progress but still not enough. People in America still tripping over gay marriage when the US Gov spies on them and kills children abroad with drones.

Or you could just go to an exclusive party on the bund and act like a Saudi Prince in Thailand #itslavishbitch.


1. College @ Shanghai Rose. You know that movie Drive and the dope italo-disco soundtrack? The dude who made a lot of that music, College, is playing live at Shanghai Rose with visuals by the homie Chromaphase, who I wrote about here. Peep this reel of his latest adventures in 3D-mapping. I saw College last year at Yuyintang and can vouch for it. I’ve never been to Shanghai Rose, heard the [old] building is cool. Looking forward to this. Peep Chromaphase’s new mapping right here. It’s 80RMB at the door or RMB50 presale at 247 Tickets.

2. Reddit Meetup at Masse – Had a good time at the last Reddit meetup, met lots of cool cats. Looking forward to meeting my old-school grammar fam who took the time to read this site and hate on my writing styles/conrank’s mixtape/etc. I’ve long said there’s not enough criticism in this town. Thinking we can talk postmodern lit/critical theory via social networking/etc at the meet up.  Big up grammar fam. #upvotegrammarfam #notmadatgrammarfam.

3. Rock Show at Yuyintang (Kaixuan Lu Yanan Lu, northwest corner) – Another rock for charity show, this time with both laowai and local bands, and proceeds go to Mongolian Orphans (show is put on by DJ BO, who did Peace Corps in Mongolia for a few years). The bands = Friend or Foe, Feima, Airwalker, Arm the Faithless, and Hello Money. RMB50 cover, RMB30 for students.

4. Stockholm Syndrome @ The Shelter (#5 Yongfu Lu) – Darkwave, industrial, techno and just all around cool music by Tzu Sing. If you like your dance music dark and 黑暗, this is the party for you. Kim Laughton on visuals and lasers plus the charming Velvet Robot on DJ support

5. Daytime – Volunteer at a homeless shelter with BEAN @…a homeless shelter. Hey you’ll feel better about all yer Shanghai sinnin’ if you go play checkers with a homeless uncle. He might even drop some life knowledge on you. It might be like that Storm Queen song. You can volunteer by sending an email to beanshanghai@gmail.com


1. Sunday Live Rock show at 696 Live House (Live Bar): a bit of a trek but worth it to see some bands for free on a Sunday afternoon. I’m a big fan of Sunday shows, #underratedinshanghai. Lineup is Feima, Marquee 7, and _________. _______ is a secret.

2. Loads of ShanghaiPRIDE events going on. Check their website http://www.shpride.com to find out about film screenings, runs, and other events.

3. Don’t forget, it’s fathers day!

Alright that’s it. See you in Family Mart.

and don’t be burnin in the club! fuzz be out naimean.

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