Love Bang Universe Mix 03 – William J


Huge thank you to everyone who came out to our pool party yesterday. Best vibe ever. We’ll be back this Saturday, August 3rd with DJ Choyce Kutz, Raph from Acid Pony Club, Sal from Popasuda, DJ Caution, and myself. I guess you heard the spot’s on Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu, a few minutes walk from the Xujiahui metro station. To hold you over until then we’ve got a brand new mix from William J.

We’re gonna keep dropping heat every week in this summer of record-setting temperatures, fans and ACs, lakes in the north pole, and salmon sunsets over the pool. This week we’ve got a tape by a cat from Singapore who wrecked three shows in Shanghai last weekend –  Dada for my birthday party, Saturday at Shelter for the SVBKLT x Darker Than Wax party, and the first Love Bang Pool Party yesterday.

I asked William J a few questions via email today after he got back to Singapore. Here’s what he had to say about 72 hours in Shanghai.

Heatwolves: You were just in Shanghai for three days and played three shows at Dada, The Shelter, and a Sunday pool party – how was it?

William J:  My time in Shanghai rushed and hectic, but was an amazing time overall. I’ve never had the privilege to travel overseas to play music, and this was a great introduction to that kind of experience. I feel like the diversity of the venues I played at allowed me to properly showcase my full range of tastes, and had some of the most fun sets in a long time.

Heatwolves: How does the scene in Shanghai compared to what’s going on down in Singapore?

William J: The scene in Singapore is great and there are tons of really talented DJs here, but at the moment there is a real lack of small or mid-sized proper ‘underground’ venues. People definitely know how to party in Singapore, but at times I feel there are too many people in the crowd observing the music rather than interacting with it.

The venues I played in Shanghai were gritty, grimy, and hectic – a really nice change to the slickness of venues in Singapore. Dada felt like a really great house party, and the crowd was really receptive to everything I played, even the weirder grime and garage bits. The Shelter was a next-level experience for me, intimate yet anonymous at the same time, and really reminded me about why I got into music in the first place.

Heatwolves: What was the best thing that happened to you in your 72 hours here?

William J: Leaving The Shelter in a daze at 6 AM and being blinded by the daylight. Surreal.
Heatwolves: What’s the story with this mixtape?
William J: This mixtape was just a one take jam that I think represents the range of sounds that I play. It includes a few bits from some Darker Than Wax artists, as well as a few classics.

Heatwolves: What’s next for you and your label, Darker Than Wax?

William J: My only plans are to keep DJing as much as I can, improve my production skills and output, and continue to help grow Darker Than Wax. My tune ‘Handzup’ will be coming out on a limited run, vinyl only white label series out of Boston called Juxtapose, I believe that is coming out in the next month or two. The next Darker Than Wax release will be out very soon (30 July), an EP featuring beats from french producers Fantastikclick & Sport G who also run the fantastic label Cascade Records. You can grab it at

Shouts to everyone in Shanghai for such a great time, I will be back as soon as I can.

_ _ _ _ _

Now onto the mix…


This one’s a voyage through the seas of club music – Ghetto House, new rap from Chicago, dancehall, beats, and even The Trammps! This one floats all over the place – just how we like it. Thirty selections in fifty minutes, all mixed live on two CDJs.


1. King Louie – Val Venis (JD. Reid Remix)
2. Freddie GIbbz – Neighborhood Hoez (Wayvee $trip Polez Edit)
3. ESTA – SheNeedsMe(InMoreWaysThen1)
4. Ikonika – Beach Mode (Dub)
5. The Trammps – The Night The Lights Went Out
6. Jean Nipon / Koyote – R.M.S. (To Steve)
7. Jesse Perez – Interracial Booty Calls (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
8. C.Z. – WHY DIS
9. GoldFFinch – For The F*
10. Large Joints – Down On You (Hands Up Mix)
11. Killjoy – Inaudible Badness
12. Groove Connektion 2 – Club Lonely (Dem 2 Lonely Vocal Mix)
13. Preditah – Groupies (2013)
14. Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You (Re-edit)
15. MORRI$ – White Hood (BB Dub)
16. DJ Skip – Bang That
17. K Shiz – Blood remix
18. DJ Marfox – Rádio Oxigénio AM
19. Hypha – SoundbwoyKilla
20. Daddy Mory – Dancehall Time (The Clerk rmx)
21. Mr. Vegas – Certain Law
22. Stylo G – Press Up (Poirier Dengue Riddim Remix)
23. Leftside ft. Shaggy – Jump Up Around (Euro Mix)
24. DJ Tre – No Mo Playin (Original Mix)
25. Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
26. DJ Spinn – Exhibit G
27. Lil Jabba – Red Current
28. DJ Taye – Yo Bitch Out Here
29. DJ Acey ft. Stylez – I’m Dead(Just Believe)
30. FloydCheung – Document 4

William J is on the Darker Than Wax label, headed by some really cool peeps I had a chance to meet this weekend. Shout out to Dean, Floyd Cheng, and of course Gaz AKA Drunk Monk for bringing them out to Shanghai! Check out the label over at their Soundcloud. They’re always giving away gems.

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