Water No Get Enemy – Pool Party Recap


Feel like this 104 degree heat makes people a bit crazy. Seen a few fights go down on Friday night outside Dada and Lola, and another almost happen in Xinwang, the late-night Cantoneese spot on Changle Lu. It’s like Street Fighter cause it’s going down between all nationalities, but mostly China, Nigeria, and America.

We had like every nationality at our pool party yesterday too, but no problems except for a couple gully peeps jumping off the waterfall. Looks fun, but probably not a good idea to jump from a ten-foot ledge into five-foot deep water. One dude ignored repeated warnings from our Shanghainese lifeguard uncle and then got smacked hard, WWF style, with a “no diving” sign. You probably know the Super Ayi Cleaning Team, but maybe you don’t know about the Lifeguard Uncle Smackdown Squad.

Anyway, just wanna say thank you to everyone who came out and all who helped make it happen: my right-hand man DJ Caution for holding the music down for three hours when the mixer was too hot to even touch, Dace from Money Shots for snapping all the photos, my girl C for keeping me sane, our guest DJs Choyce Kutz and Mau Mau (will upload their sets soon), Panda Express for hooking up the free Gold Cider with entrance, the homie Luce for the promo help, Shawn and the Shanghai Fun crew for bringing peeps down, all the pool staff, and my man Patrick Mai and his crew for hooking up the soundsystem – if you want it to sound good, you better call Pat,

Oh, here’s why we named the party “Water No Get Enemy.” This tune by Nigeria’s legendary Fela Kuti came out back in 1975 and remains just as solid nearly forty years later. A perfect summer tune, and one of the few songs over ten minutes I can listen to on repeat and never get bored.

Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy

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And here’s what we’re cooking up:

Friday, August 16th – Love Bang #30 with Ceezy @ 390 Bar

Saturday, August 17th – Split Works presents J. Rocc

Saturday, August 24th – Love Bang Pool Party #4

Got a couple new tapes dropping this week too…

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