iPhone vs Android in China: Part Two, The First Week


Last week I tech-blogged about outdated products in a quick review of my switch to Android from iPhone. A week has passed and I’m on the fence, but I’m definitely not feeling HTC, especially a model that got such high praise. Sleepy ass phone always powering off or lying and saying it’s got like 80% battery then just passes out like this one time i met a junkie on the subway in LA and I says hey how do i get to Chinatown and the junkie replies “we got a Chinatown now? huh.” and nodded off out for about seven seconds then sprung up and did a one-arm pullup. That’s HTC, just nodding off.

This HTC eats through batteries faster than a fake wife eats through a bank account. If I charge my phone overnight it lasts until about 5PM if I use Instagram. Awful. I thought some Indian girl in high school made a battery that lasts like five days what happened to her and where’s that battery? Last weekend I borrowed a friend’s iPhone to make a call after HTC died and was like oh god damn this shit got the Lexus feel.  The iPhone GUI kills Android in so many ways, but there’s still some praise for Android. Let’s break it down.

The Good

1. Phone + Serato. I can put my Serato Crates into a folder on my phone then just plug my phone into my friend’s laptop and DJ using their computer using the “file” function in Serato, same as a USB drive. This is huge; probably my favorite thing about Android so far.

2. Instagram runs much smoother on Android, at least compared to the iPhone 3GS. Can’t download Vine though cause I’m on Kiwi Suitcase or AC Lobster or some other outdated OS.

3. Predictive text is way faster in Android. If I start typing a word I’ve used before, like “modern,” once i enter “mod,” choices like “modern,” “modernize,” and “modernization” appear.

4. Can download music right to the phone, preview it, then bring the best onto my computer. Much better workflow than bringing songs into iTunes, copying to iPhone, listening, then deleting the wack shit from iTunes, the download folder, and any other places OSX decided to make duplicate copies. Sometimes I feel like Apple programmed the OS to make duplicates of files to fill up the hard drive so computer gets slow and fussy and you go to the Apple Store and sort out a new laptop.

The Bad

1. Much easier to hack the Android. Makes me paranoid about data security.

2. The aforementioned HTC battery drain. Disappointment is the word.

3. Probably HTC-specific but the camera can’t focus on really close objects like iPhone can. Camera also has trouble focusing when lights are changing color or objects are moving. iPhone camera definitely wins here.

4. Much harder to find an HTC charger when in need. Basically every friend/shop/bar/restaurant has an iPhone charger lying around.

5. GUI cannot touch iOS. Also it’s just way more comfortable to type an essay/post on iPhone Notes than in Android.

So I’m gonna upgrade the battery and upgrade the OS to Jelly Bean and see what happens next week. For now I’m still hanging onto Android because it’s a USB drive that also takes pictures/video and can make calls if the battery doesn’t die.

More adventures in tech-blogging about outdated technology coming soon!

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