Love Bang Pool Party #4 – Underwater Unicorn Trap Rave Swag USB Towel


We cannot compete with this Shaq Pool party, but god dammit we’re gonna try.


We’re back this Saturday, August 24th, at an outdoor pool oasis in Xujiahui, big soundsystem, four of Shanghai’s best DJs, tables in the water, BBQ, waterfalls, affordable drinks – what more do you need? Party from 10:30AM to 8:30PM. If thunderstorms show up, party moves to Sunday, August 25th. PRICE = 80RMB **BEFORE NOON** AND 150RMB AFTER. Pool is at Oriental Manhattan – Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu. Fine music by DJ Cavia, Misloop, and The Super Ayi Cleaning Team. For table bookings please email (get on that quick, they’re filling up).

本周六,8月24日 – LOVE BANG泳池派对第四弹!位于徐家汇的室外泳池,加上四位上海最厉害的DJ:Cavia,Misloop还有超人阿姨打扫卫生帮!你可以坐在水里的座位上,吃BBQ看帅哥美女,酒水超实惠,在夏天结束前快来吧!门票12点之前80元,12点后150元( RSVP/定位 to

Note: Just received a big shipment of inflatable toys from Taobao – ghosts, fish, whales, octopus, and lots more.

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