Remember how it was 106 degrees a month ago? After the hottest summer ever on record in Shanghai for the 2013, fall crashed the party like a gang of bros rocking fake New-Era hats. But instead of bringing warm cans of Qingdao, fall brings rain, cold fronts, crumbling, toe-destroying pavement, deadly ammonia leaks, and a lot of good as well.

The question is not “How is the weather in Shanghai?” but “What’s worse, Shanghai summer or Shanghai winter?” This place is known for a short spring and fall sandwiched between long, tortuous winters and summers. Enjoy these fall weeks.

And shout out to subway Line 11, shout out to public transportation. Now it’s really simple to transfer within and from the South Side, AKA the best side, to Line 2 at Jiangsu Lu. For example, if you live at Jiaotong University and wanna get to Jing An, you can take line 11 one station to Jiangsu Lu, transfer, and roll one more station to Jing An. Or you can take bus 76 just opposite CityShop on Panyu.

As usual there’s a lot of shit on this weekend and some serious gems, so let’s take a look at what the 周末 has to offer.

FRIDAY – 1950s/60s Music/Rockabilly/Old Records Played By Someone Who Knows The Deal @ The Shelter

Keb Barge is apparently that dude. A pioneer who’s been DJing since the 1970s, he strictly drops good old tunes on vinyl 45s. He doesn’t like house or hip hop and won’t be playing any of that, but you’ll hear a bunch of classic tunes you’ve never heard before. Surely you’ll hear some hip hop though, with this dope, all-Shanghainese support lineup featuring The Grumpy Pig AKA V-Nutz playing a rare set, Ben Huang, plus the homies Ceezy and HBD. You can read a lot more about the show over at Smart Shanghai. Only 50RMB – highly recommended. On the get-ready tip, here’s one of my favorite Northern Soul tunes.

The Trips – Love Can’t Be Modernized

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FRIDAY – Standup Comedy with Joe Klocek

This one’s put on by the Kung Fu Comedy Club. Only been to one of their shows, Butch Bradley last fall, and that was great. Peep this YouTube video of tonight’s guest pwning a heckler. It’s 200RMB at the door. Damn, comedians can charge a lot at the door. I wonder if in five years there’ll be loads of wack comedians here bringing down the market price?

And the new DJ booth should be up and running at Dada tonight – what do you think? Get down there Saturday night for Popasuda if you’re into dancehall and music without English lyrics.



Saturday night, boat party on the Yuangpu. I DJed at a boat party for NYU last Friday and that was mad fun; like 400 kids dancing on the top deck. Dry boat but everyone was wilding out regardless. Saturday night’s affair has a full bar on deck(s) plus music by Yen, Caution, CJ, and myself. Music on each floor, lots of booze, and the beautiful Huangpu River with dual skylines chillin in the background. There’s a few tickets left over at Dragon’s website, hop on that. RMB200 with free drinks and RMB500 for free-flow alcohol including champagne. It’s a three-hour voyage, with an afterparty at Shanghai Rose, a century-old, historically-preserved Victorian spot that housed the Shanghai Rowing Club back in 1905. Chill architecture. That party is RMB50 with a drink or free if you’re on the pleasure boat. That’s got The Super Ayi Cleaning Team playing erotic dance music and Xujiahui Trap all night. Strictly for the North Bund ratchets.

The North Bund is a funny place. Lot of ratchets, for real. Last time this lady tried to get me to come in her bar and was like “don’t worry i’m not gonna kidnap you and sell you or anything” and her pink-faced and obese lao laowai husband was like “yerrrrrrr come on in.” There were babies crawling around, all quite surreal.


Usually it’s a flower ayi trying to sell you a rose, but for this flyer we flipped the already-bizarre reality into a flower selling aunties. Art by the always on-point whoiscecilia and myself.


Repping DFA Records and the hugely influential Beats In Space radio show, currently on episode #693, it’s New York’s Tim Sweeny. Support from Mau Mau, American Booze DJs, Santo Chino, and Lindberg. Looks to be the spot for house and disco on Saturday. Peep this Boiler Room mix by dude, just came out three days ago. Only RMB60 with one drink.

Saturday during the day there’s a flea-market at Cotton’s on Xinhua Lu that promises pop up shops, BBQ, music, etc.. Dope venue so worth stopping by if you stay in the South Side/Changning hood.

Alright there’s more but I’m done. Hit the streets, see you out there. Get that 2GT and holler at dem North Bund Ratchets. Will end this one with some brand new tunes from local producers.

Here’s a house tune by DJ Doggy, repping Anhui. This one out on the DOT Records sampler that just dropped.


And this serious disco burner by two of my favorite French people, Laura Ingalls and El’se. No DL on this but I’m sure if you ask them nicely they’ll hook you up. It’s out on Disques Pony.

El’se + Laura Ingalls – Crydgejohn

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

哦!还有一件事请想告诉你们…Tonight on Shanghai’s English-language TV channel, catch the world premiere of a really *special* cooking show starring yrs truly, DJ Caution, and our good friend Sal, who’s written for this site before. Sal also happens to have his monthly Latin/World Tunes party at Dada Saturday night as well, with guest super-friend DJ Cavia also reppin’ the An Hui. Anyway the TV show premieres tonight on ICS at 8:30PM Shanghai time. That’s 8:30AM Kalamazoo time, a perfect way to start your Friday in the office. Something like an adult sesame street in the Shanghai hood. Steam it live over at ICS. Here’s a shot from when we were cutting records in the kitchen while cutting up some vegetables.


If you have an event in Shanghai, please send the info/flyer over to holler@lovebanguniverse.com and we’ll see about it getting in this column.

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