Consumerism and Casual Sex


So 11/11 is Single’s Day in China. We don’t have this holiday in meiguo but people make a big deal of this in China. Basically this means:

1) There’s huge sales on Taobao, China’s biggest online retail network. It’s something like eBay without bidding. You can often get 50% off of everything from down coats to artificial hearts. Ok maybe not artificial hearts, but my girlfriend did get her maid from Taobao and I’ve found everything from rare turntable parts to custom silk-screened shirts. Unfortunately you can’t find second-hand car parts because China has strict regulations about second-hand auto parts and used cars. Ever wonder why you don’t see cars older than fifteen years old in China? Yeah it’s not allowed.

2) People go out to bars and hook up. It’s basically a day for celebrating casual sex. Just remember to wear a condom when you’re out there. Unfortunately that won’t be the case for many because sex ed is a joke in China.

So in celebration of consumerism and casual sex, I’m gonna play a set tonight at my favorite local dive – Dada Bar. Free entry, cheap drinks as usual. Motown, Stax, Northern Soul, Slow Jams, Jodeci.



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