New No-English Mix by DJ Sal – Samba, Latin Bass, Kwaito, Cumbia


New tunes from our good friend DJ Sal aka Skinny Brown, that time-traveling, ethnically ambiguous global mystic who hosts on Shanghai’s English TV channel and DJs from time to time at a party called Popasuda. Well he’s finally put together a mixtape for his night at Dada Bar tonight, and it’s free and a must grab.

There’s a million house music nights in China, but there’s only one Popasuda. This monthly party sounds like a mixtape that never leaves the player at a youth shelter in some post-colonial island in the tropics. His music policy is simple – no English lyrics. Patois doesn’t count as English in Sal’s world. Expect anything from Dancehall to Cumbia to some burgeoning African genre. Far from a culture vulture taking the best bits from distant lands, Sal grew up or lived in Brazil, Toronto, India, Japan, and lots of other places and he’s got a good understanding of this music. This is reflected in his mixing style – FAST mixing, lots of drops, lots of mic control, and a sampler for drumming out country names like “BRAZIL!!” in a Street Fighter II voice.

Sal describes the mix and the night as such:

“I’m dropping strictly tropical-global shit, with nothing in english. The mix starts with Brazilian Samba-type stuff, then moves into kwaito, cumbia-edits, random African stuff, global-trap, latin bass, and a whole world of international sounds”

GO GET IT. And check out the Popasuda party this Friday, November 15th.



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