Xianyang China, in Pictures

I just spent the last ten days in Xianyang, a small city of five-million people, located right next to Xi’an in middle China. This is what they call a third-tier city. It’s connected by a subway line to Xi’an and has grocery store chains that sell some international cookies. There’s no Starbucks but they have Duncan Donuts. Here’s some of my favorite photos from the trip, all taken by my gf cause I don’t have a smart phone.

This first one comes from a day in the park on the first day of the new year. The park has everything, from decrepit roller coasters now out-of-operation to an outdoor roller-skating rink where boys show off their hot moves in a pretty homoerotic manner. Not much grass in this park.


Here’s that roller skating action. These dudes can skate like no one’s business, often while holding hands or even skating around in the spider position. Eventually they pulled some girls into the action too, so my guess is that while they look gay, they’re actually just really fashion.  rollerskating

Went to the KFC tonight cause I couldn’t eat another meal of Chinese food. Met a nice guy from Omaha, Nebraska who was there meeting his fiance, whom he met on the Internet. This was his first time in China, and the first time meeting his fiance. The whole fam, all up in KFC. Nice dude. Foreigners in smaller-tier cities tend to be way chiller toward other foreigners than people in places like Shanghai. After KFC we hit the mall.

I don’t know why, but when I see these two ladies, I just think of Waka Flocka Flame saying “I got a whole lotta money, bitches count it for me.”


In the mall we found a shop with a lot of military gear and Hitler memorabilia, one shelve above a stack of Family Guy sew-on patches that said “Fat Chicks Need Love Too.”


Just an American infantry bro chilling in the middle of the mall in a third-tier Chinese city, with a sign that says “Freebase” in the background.


“I am this type of person.” So…the type of person who jumps off buildings?


Speaking of fashion, this is my new favorite brand. Just wish they sold some quesadillas too.  mexicaneverywhere

For real though, I need all my international sexy girls to stand up.


And we’re out. Shout out to C for all these photos. See you in Shanghai this weekend.

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