Heatwolves’ Castle At Lune, Feb 15 2014


Yo world, here comes another rare event – Heatwolves’ Castle at Lune on Xinle Lu/Fumin Lu. The corner where the smiley, Gandolf-lookin’ hobo hangs out with beautiful ethnic women and sketchy dudes in hoodies pace around asking “weed, hashish…?” It’s the cousin of Yongfu Lu, with better food options.

I’m DJing all night up on the 4th floor, playing tracks that I might not play at Love Bang, which is more party-music oriented. Expect more left-field music, headnod beats, italo disco, 80s new wave, rock, weird samples, and Chinese music. Gonna bring a stack of vinyl out too.

That’s Saturday night, from ten till late. No cover.





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