[DJ PP; a nice guy with a lot of bad habits]

Sometimes blogs die. One day they’re just, gone. And to the reader this is probably sudden and unexpected, but there’s usually a lengthy trail of reasons and circumstance leading up to this final disappearance from the net and a 404 error.

And some rise from the dead.

As for the four-month absence of this website, I could blame DJ Zhou Wang and DJ PP, but I should just blame myself. I got mixed up with these two international DJs and their jet-set life of sin and hedonism, and it lead to my downfall. And the blog’s. Thankfully their Asia tour has come to an end, and they’re back in the studio making the HARDEST trap music out there and sporting the freshest Hood By Air gear.


[DJ Zhou Wang; Just constantly fucked up and is also HIV+, and in denial about it]

Nothing is funny about being so international that you lose what’s really real, man.

But anyway, the blog is back up for the near future. There’s also like six years of archives if you get bored.

Some words from The Prophet. Shout out to Beat Electric for this one.

Prophet – Stick Around

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