Love Bang Sunday Mooncake Vinyl Jam


Hey so people in China don’t have to work on Monday because it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival, a.k.a. the Mooncake Holiday. So we’re throwing a Sunday night party at this really cool new cafe/bar/radio station in Jing’an. If you wanna read more about the place, check this link here.

DJ Caution and myself playing hip hop, moon house, bass, and classic Chinese songs on a seriously nice soundsystem. Affordable drinks, cheap coffee, and vinyl for sale. Cool place. Goes from 9pm–3am. Free entry.

ADDRESS: 999 Xikang Lu, near Anyuan Lu

周一就是月饼节了!意思就是说不 上 班!所以周天晚上LOVE BANG将在uDance的新酒吧办派对!Caution和热狼将用那里老牛逼的音响系统为大家放些Hip Hop、月亮神曲、Bass和经典中文老歌。好吃好喝,咖啡超便宜,还有黑胶碟卖,从晚9点一直到凌晨3点,免费入场。