Love Bang Radio


Hey sorry it’s been a minute since the last post. Been busy writing other places…


As far as new music, I’m playing the hottest old and new jams every Thursday night live on a Chinese internet radio station called uDance. You can stream that live every Thursday from 8pm-midnight (Shanghai time) on the uDance website.

And if you’re in Shanghai, you can just come hang out at the spot. It’s a really dope new vinyl bar/cafĂ© called URVC. They’ve got thousands of records for sale, plush couches, and a ridiculous soundsystem with speakers from 1972 and amplifiers by brands I can’t pronounce. We get guest DJs in every Thursday too, including some of the incoming DJs playing around Shanghai on the weekend.

And it’s free to get in, with buy-one-get-one drinks until midnight. So stream that live or drop in and say what up.