Love Bang “Birth Control Cat” Sweatshirt Release Party

Hey so my label Love Bang just made a new sweatshirt for winter. This one is inspired by all those homeless cats in Shanghai and all the soon to be baby-mama cats howling in heat out on the streets.


We’re releasing it Thursday night at this vinyl bar called URVC in Jing’an. The show will broadcast live on the uDance Radio website. The place is rad. There’s like 30,000 records on the walls and the soundsystem is like a fine velvet cake.


That’s the upstairs bit. Here’s the sweatshirt design.


We’ve got 25 of these sweatshirts available, plus free stickers for everyone who comes through. AND SOME TREATS.


So yeah, that’s 8pm on Thursday night. 999 Xikang Lu, near Anyuan Lu. DJ sets by DJ Caution, Will A, myself, and some special guests…


Come say what up! It’s free. And drinks are buy-one-get-one until 11pm.