Love Bang x Spread The Bagel Mixtape


Sorry it’s been [more than] a minute since the last post, fam. Been busy with life and lots of Love Bang these last few months. Here’s a story, AND the chillest mixtape of the summer. Tune in.

So one Friday in April, Love Bang teamed up with Spread The Bagel in Xintiandi for the day and made a special menu with all of Xu Dong Mei the cat’s favorite snacks and drinks. The clear sandwich winner was “OMG CATS LOVE MEAT”, but the pulled pork nachos with whipped jalapeno cream cheese were classic as well.


A bunch of friends new and old came through to enjoy some coloring activities. Later in the night some dude from the milk tea shop wandered over to sell some tanghulu, those candied hawthorn skewers. That’s so random and great.


And… Cecilia stitched up this Xu Dong Mei flag (and designed everything else). Big shout out to Spread The Bagel boss Christine [right] for letting us this crazy project happen!


Due to the winds of circumstance, we couldn’t have any human DJs, though we did have a really nice soundsystem and this mixtape. Fortunately, Xu Dong Mei is a cat, so she was able to play some tracks from her USB.


Anyway, a lot more has happened in these past few months. Maybe we’ll get to those stories another time, but for now, you can just download the whole mix. This is a just-wake-up-and-throw-it-on kinda mix, and a summer nights kinda jam at the same damn time. Lots of reggae, hip hop, dancehall, and soul on this joint. And some chopped up commercials for cat food and bagels.

As for Love Bang, you can catch us on May 20, DJing on a boat, on the Huangpu River, for cats drinking free-flow craft beer from Shanghai’s own Boxing Cat and wilding the fuck out.

Then on May 28 with the Come Correct homies at new club Reel To Reel in Xintiandi. This is the after-party for one of the biggest breakdancing battles in China, Battle in Shanghai.